Information below is on my LIVE zoom classes. 

  • Basic classes are one-hour PLUS one 30-minute group coaching class
  • Workbook and additional resources provided
  • 2 add-ons offered with most classes:  
    • Pro version - additional 30-minute group coaching class added to the basic class - which gives you a total of one-hour group coaching
    • Premium version - additional one-hour PRIVATE session to the basic class

Want to customize any of these classes for your own organization?  Contact me so we can talk about options.

Here's more info

Finding the Top of Your Desk: A course on clearing the clutter

There's a never-ending stream of digital & paper information coming at you on a daily basis. How do you keep it organized so it doesn't eat up time, stop you from your priorities and stress you?  The goal of this class is to get you up and running in a more peaceful and user-friendly workspace within 30 days...with an understanding of how to maintain it. 

Your Time Management GPS: Goals, Priorities, Scheduling

The new year is the time you think about goals---personal and professional. Along with those goals comes the requirement of routinely working on priorities. And to do that you need to be able to schedule and plan. But if you're not clear on what it takes to do that successfully, you won't get to your end game. The goal is to help you clear the cobwebs and get 'er done.  

Procrastination: I'll do it later...maybe...

Delaying decisions is a habit. It began when you were young and you still carry it around with you like a comfortable blanket. It causes problems for your career, your team, your boss and your family. And it consistently erodes your confidence. But it doesn't have to be that way. There are steps you can take to begin changing this habit. Start now. 

Managing Interruptions and Meetings: Time Management Potholes

Just as potholes derail your ride, things happen day-in and day-out that systematically derail your time...time you won't get back. You can't prevent some of them. But you can change how you react to them. 

Delegating is Powerful. Micromanaging is not.

You have concerns about giving work to someone and your worry translates into constantly checking, or worse yet taking over the project. But that's done at you, the employee and the organization. learn the concrete steps you can take to overcome your concerns.

Finding Your Files...or...'It's here somewhere...'

Filing systems are about finding information, not just storing it. If your 'system' is using the search feature great...but that's not a system, it's a tool that doesn't always work for you. This is about taking a step back and creating a user-friendly filing system to help you find what you want when you want it.