Welcome to Matter of Time eLearning

My new year. My new school


It all began early 2018 when…

I started to think it was a good time to share some of my onsite trainings with an online audience. So I began a journey—and what a journey it has been! Whew!

Happy to say Matter of Time eLearning school launched January 1, 2019 with one class…and new classes added every month.

My first class is…

Clear Your Desk. Clear Your Mind.
Creating an Organizing Habit

After all, January is national Get Organized month so what else could I do?

New classes will be added monthly on topics such as procrastination, managing meetings, delegating, priorities and focus, scheduling…you know…all the fun things!

Would you like to receive notification of future courses?

If so, I’ll be announcing them through my short but sweet monthly eNewsletter ‘Productivity Postcards’…and in case your interested, here’s a sample. Ready? Just sign up and you’re all set.

Meanwhile, see you at school!