Happines and Joy and...

I keep seeing posts on happiness.

There’s a month dedicated to it. There’s a Yale online class about it. There’s even an International Happiness Month and an International Day of Happiness. Gads. I didn’t realize so many people were in need.

So after mulling this over for a while, here’s the conclusion I’ve come to for myself.

Happiness is external. It comes from the outside and is usually fleeting. That rockin’ new car. That nice piece of jewelry. That promotion you just got.

Joy, on the other hand, is internal. It comes from the inside and lasts longer. Watching your kid graduate from college. Spending time with your grandchildren. Celebrating events with old friends.

These concepts led me to something else. Something I’d never really thought about before.

But then there’s …self-satisfaction. This is internal but isn’t based on a single event or experience. It happens over time and comes from running a marathon in life, not a sprint. When I identifying my priorities and routinely working on them throughout life. Seeing and mostly feeling the results of achieving my goals. A sound business. Good health. Wonderful retirement.

I have my happy moments. And I have my joyful moments. And I’m grateful for both of them.

But the marathon is what I love because it gives me a certain type of depth - and peace - to a life well lived.

What about you?