Because of you...

In the Oscars last night, a woman won (in a category I can’t remember!) who didn’t expect to be the recipient of one of her industry’s prized gold statues. She was the first African American in the history of the Academy to win this prize for this category. Although trembling with disbelief and excitement, she had the presence of mind to make a beautiful speech I remembered.

She would say a person’s name, and then say ‘…because of you…’ and let the person know how they impacted her in the long climb up the mountain to where she stood at that moment. I thought it was a wonderful speech, so I’m borrowing it for a moment.

To my clients…because of you, I am better than I ever hoped to be in my chosen profession.

To my colleagues…because of you I learned from the answers you gave to questions where I struggled to learn.

To my friends…because of you I was able to see the forest through the trees when all I could see was trees.

To my family…because of you and your belief in me, everything and anything became possible even when I thought it wasn’t.

I don’t need an Oscar…I just need all of you.