I don't meditate. I have nothing against it. I understand the benefits. It's just nothing that I do. So I began to wonder why.

The truth is, I'm an introvert by nature.

I actually do a happy dance when I get a long stretch of time to be alone with my thoughts. I love the results and find myself more grounded and ready to move on to the next thing(s) this crazy world has to offer.

Sometimes I get an 'a-ha' light and sometimes I do what I call 'heavy lifting' or Cal Newport calls 'deep work' - on both the professional and personal side of life. This type of work helps me create, connect dots and mostly it makes my heart sing.

Another happy dance.

I realize this doesn't constitute meditation as it's formally defined, but for me this protected time and process works. It keeps the distractions and stress at bay. It keeps that busy, busy chatter in my head quiet. It helps me focus. And I love the outcome.

I don't meditate. I just make sure I have a couple happy dances daily. And it's working pretty good for me so far :)