I procrastinate. Sometimes. About some things.

So recently I began to see a pattern. Not of one special thing that caused this, but a pattern. And the pattern told me I delayed working on things that involved research. This is kind of odd because I love learning, I like new ideas, and I don't mind detail. So it didn't make much sense to me. 

What's really nutty is that my research almost always ends up in new things happening in my trainings, books, presentations...I love it. That part was true fun. So it made me even more confused about why I consistently put this type of work on the back shelf

Then I realized i had a little voice in my head that kept telling me if I stopped to do research, I wouldn't have time to find new clients or nurture the ones I have and that could result in less income and even worse, no business at all. It stressed me out.

Ridiculous. Totally.

Delaying the research caused the stress. It was the delaying of the work which halted the fun. To get to the fun you need to do the work.

Brilliance. Not mine...the concept. Put value on the outcome and the rest falls into line.

So...I wrangled the ugly habit to the ground, created new routines and rewards and now I'm in flow with the research I need to do...cause the fun is right around the corner. 


So what's happening to your fun??