Things change. So should your workspace.

I worked on an enormous project last year for my own business. The project will impact my future business so I had to take the time to rethink and ultimately reorganize most of my electronic and paper files. Hairy.

 But it was a good reminder to get my space to support my work life.

You may have initially organized your desktop, office space or files when you moved into your office...which may have been years ago. But time moves on, things change. Your role or situation may have changed. For example you...

  • work from home now rather than an office...or just the opposite

  • were once an individual contributor and now a team leader...or a manager with direct reports

  • now have an executive assistant

Your workspace needs to support your work environment. Not just to help you become organized for the sake of being organized, but to help you not waste your time, your staff's time, and more importantly help you do your best work ever...with the least amount of fret and stress.

It's a new year. It's a new opportunity. Assess and...begin NOW!

Happy New Year!