I procrastinate. Sometimes. About some things.

So recently I began to see a pattern. Not of one special thing that caused this, but a pattern. And the pattern told me I delayed working on things that involved research. This is kind of odd because I love learning, I like new ideas, and I don't mind detail. So it didn't make much sense to me. 

What's really nutty is that my research almost always ends up in new things happening in my trainings, books, presentations...I love it. That part was true fun. So it made me even more confused about why I consistently put this type of work on the back shelf

Then I realized i had a little voice in my head that kept telling me if I stopped to do research, I wouldn't have time to find new clients or nurture the ones I have and that could result in less income and even worse, no business at all. It stressed me out.

Ridiculous. Totally.

Delaying the research caused the stress. It was the delaying of the work which halted the fun. To get to the fun you need to do the work.

Brilliance. Not mine...the concept. Put value on the outcome and the rest falls into line.

So...I wrangled the ugly habit to the ground, created new routines and rewards and now I'm in flow with the research I need to do...cause the fun is right around the corner. 


So what's happening to your fun??



The Coffee Table Discussion

I was having lunch with a friend this past week and sharing a story. I got to a point in the story where I wanted to use the words 'coffee table'. The only problem was that I couldn't think of the words. I used my finger to draw it at our lunch table and she guessed what I was talking about. this isn't the first time that's happened.  When I was younger some friends would tell me I had a mind like a 'steel trap'. Well, the trap door has opened itself and things are escaping. 

I told my friend how this lack of recall frustrates me and she was kind enough to re-frame it for me. She said...that in the scheme of my entire life, not being able to recall a word here and there was really insignificant. Perhaps the space that word occupied was replaced by something new I had learned. A new place card, so to speak. Whew. This helped me see this in a different way not only at that moment, but I filed it away for future scenarios.

When we become occasionally frustrated with our behaviors or approaches, it might be a good practice to re-frame things for ourselves. And in the process reset some expectations. Be kinder to ourselves. Have more self-compassion. Because we would do it for a friend...why not for ourselves as well.

Things change. So should your workspace.

I worked on an enormous project last year for my own business. The project will impact my future business so I had to take the time to rethink and ultimately reorganize most of my electronic and paper files. Hairy.

 But it was a good reminder to get my space to support my work life.

You may have initially organized your desktop, office space or files when you moved into your office...which may have been years ago. But time moves on, things change. Your role or situation may have changed. For example you...

  • work from home now rather than an office...or just the opposite
  • were once an individual contributor and now a team leader...or a manager with direct reports
  • now have an executive assistant 

Your workspace needs to support your work environment. Not just to help you become organized for the sake of being organized, but to help you not waste your time, your staff's time, and more importantly help you do your best work ever...with the least amount of fret and stress.

It's a new year. It's a new opportunity. Assess and...begin NOW!

Happy New Year!




I Am Thankful

This was a different type of Thanksgiving.

My brother survived open heart surgery.

On the same day my cousin welcomed his first new grandson into the world.

Later that same day a dear friend lost her grown daughter after a battle with illness.

So I am thankful for… all the doctors and nurses who work so hard to save and bring life into this world.

I am thankful for… the support of friends who were there when I needed them.

I am thankful for… the love of my family.

There’s nothing more important in life than care, compassion and love.


So be thankful.