Are you clear?

I don’t know lots of things, but I do know that unless you become clear on what you want and how to get there, you won’t generate the solutions to achieving that want or dream.

The more colorful and realistically you portray the ‘getting’, the more self-directed you’ll become in getting the outcome. .

You can begin by saying things like…

What can I do today to get there?

What do I need to do today to get there?

If you consistently identify these actions and take them, the next questions is: Am I making progress?

I tend not to realize how much I accomplish in a day towards my important ‘stuff’. So this is what I did.

I collected 2 small oval rocks that fit nicely in the palm of my hand, and put them on my kitchen table. Every morning after breakfast I hold one rock in my left hand, and ask and answer the question…

What did I accomplish yesterday?

Then I hold the other rock in my right hand, and ask and answer the question..

What am I grateful for?

I’ve found that these simple daily practices keep me focused, productive, and feeling good about how I spend my time each day.

What can YOU do every day to fulfill your goals and dreams?

Money and Time. Or...Time and Money.

It seems we have time but not money or money but not time.

I keep trying to get those two things in sync. And today what I realized was this:

I’ve been saving for retirement for years. and now it’s not that far off. But many decisions I made throughout the years was based on what I wanted my retirement to look like. Although it was all in future money, this thought kept me grounded.

What I realized is that I’ve been doing that with my time for the same number of years. I’m always thinking about my future time…whether it’s 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days...and where I want to spend it. If I don’t keep that in the forefront of my mind, my time runs amok. I lose time I can never get back. Like I did today. No syncing. User error.

I can’t go back and recapture those 4 hours but I’ll do better in the future with my future time.

Sometimes I wish I was

I saw this title of a WSJ post today…

The Unimprovable awards: Indestructable Items to Buy and Hold

And my initial thought was…

Sometimes I wish I was UNimprovable and INdestructable.

Just sometimes.

Usually this happens when I feel like I’ve been put through the ringer for one reason or another. Or maybe it’s just because I’m getting older. But there are days when I really don’t feel like improving and i really wish I could be indestructable for just awhile.

Whatever the reason, sometimes I wish.

To be or not to be

I was on the road last week and and saw this post on BBC travel entitled “Why The French Don’t Show Excitement”. BBC does a great job with their headlines and this one tickled my fancy…regardless of how any of us may feel about the French and emotions.

But early in the article there was a quote from a French teacher that gave me pause for thought. Mostly because it spoke to the hectic, never ending tasks and unrelenting busy lives we have created for ourselves. So here it is…

“You Americans,” he said, “live in the faire [to do]. The avoir [to have]. In France, we live in the être [to be].”

If we could only learn to do and have less, we could actually simply be.

Love it.

Thoughts on Thoughts

I was a networking meeting with my tribe, and someone made a comment about how busy they were and many thoughts were running through their head on a regular basis.

Neuroscience tells us we have 50,000-60,000 thoughts a day. Anywhere from ‘Should I floss or not?’ to ‘Where can I go on my next vacation? to ;Should I have this surgery?’.

Then another person chimed in and said ‘You know, when I stop to think about it most of the conversations I have in a day are…with myself.’

So true.

The question is…what kind of answers do you get? And do those answers serve you?

Just a thought.


Do you know what ‘bikeshedding’ is?

That makes two of us.

I ran across this term while researching some information for one of my online classes. So of course, I looked it up and it means…

*The act of wasting time on trivial details while important matters are inadequately attended.

So I asked often do I practice ‘bikeshedding’? I had to have a sit-down talk with myself on some things that had come to my attention about how I was actually spending my time. My time that was never coming back. I then realized what it was costing me at all kinds of levels and decided there were things I needed to give up right away including…

  • Pretending like I was going to work what was important later
  • Trying to convince myself that this work was more important than what really was important
  • Getting psyched about feeling like I had really accomplished something important…not
  • Just giving in to the brainlessness of it all

Not a pretty list. But honest.

So what did I do? I became uber clear about what was the most important thing I needed to work on every morning, before turning on the computer…even if it took hours. And then I actually did that thing.

Amazing what can happen when motivation, focus and proactive behavior has a happy dance together.

*This term originates from Parkinson's observation of a committee organized to approve plans for a nuclear power plant. As Parkinson noted, the committee devoted a disproportionate amount of time to relatively unimportant details -- such as the materials for a bicycle storage shed -- which limited the time available to focus on the design of the nuclear plant. Source.


I Am Thankful

This was a different type of Thanksgiving.

My brother survived open heart surgery.

On the same day my cousin welcomed his first new grandson into the world.

Later that same day a dear friend lost her grown daughter after a battle with illness.

So I am thankful for… all the doctors and nurses who work so hard to save and bring life into this world.

I am thankful for… the support of friends who were there when I needed them.

I am thankful for… the love of my family.

There’s nothing more important in life than care, compassion and love.


So be thankful.